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Default Glimpses of Non-Duality

Frank up in Creativity got me to thinking with his "Joy in my Soul" poem.
Thank you Frank.

There are times in my life
when out of deep sorrow -
i've cried so hard that my tears have turned into laughter.

And there are times in my life
when out of enormous joy -
i have laughed so hard that my laughter has turned into tears.

In each case, it is as if Joy and Sorrow run right into each other -
and for a few seconds; they become one.

i was so intrigued by this phenomenon
that i set out in search of it in other polarities.

i found that Strength and Weakness come very close;
for there can be no Strength without the first sign of Weakness.
But they do not become one.

i found that Fear and Love also come very close;
But in the end, it is always one or the other that triumphs.

So now i was seeing how some dualities have their own nature;
apart from the others.

Sound and Silence:
Sound can be so high or low pitched that it cannot be heard by
the human ear -
and Silence; when listened to in complete quiet, can be very loud.

Hot and Cold:
Dry ice is so cold that it's hot -
so Hot and Cold run into each other too.

Movement and Stillness:
Moving at the speed of Light; it is as if one is still.
The Earth spins so fast and yet to us (standing on it) it appears still.

We exist in a world of opposites. Everything we experience holds
(in some way) a kind of moving back and forth between two opposite
extremes. And we think that we can't transcend Duality in this
time and space and yet not only can we; but in some cases, we do. Ha!
Or perhaps even more profound; in some cases Duality transcends itself.
Just glimpses...

Joy and Light,
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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