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Originally Posted by debabbott
The Big Elehant and Boglivia
by Deb Abbott

There was a tapping
On the membrane of existance

Attention, attention
May we have your attention
Now focus...

What is it
That you truly see
Look closely...

Yes, you see the chaos
Now look beyond
And there is...

Where you will truly FEEEEELLLLLLL.............

Love, Deb

I think I truly got the full impact of this these
last two days. After Sean's tip over in his
wheelchair yesterday and banging his head,
OneLight and I shared in the reading of Sandra
Helton's astrology for this week. What that said
to me was be like a little fly on the wall and don't
make any waves because people are going to be
out of kilter today. And so they were. When I
went to Sean's today, the staff was very tense
and frustrated. I told Sean what I had read and
he was in agreement so we both were extra caring
for his caretakers today so avoided any problems
in that area for us.

But yes, I too was very "feeling" yesterday when
Sean took a tumble. I thought, "OMG, after every-
thing that has happened now he has busted his head
on the concrete. Is he okay?" Thank goodness he was.
That boy has got a hard hard head, thank goodness.
Anyway, this just lent to me exactly what it says, "Chaos
around, renders my feelings."

So, thankful that we got through yet another situation
without further harm. Lots of feelings yes, because, I set
down some wheelchair motoring rules for Sean after that
little happenstance and he is more than willing to follow them.

Thanking The Big Elephant and Boglivia always for their
words of wisdom.

Love, Deb
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