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Does it matter?
Well yes, it matters a great deal, when the rich, powerful and elite are using the false pretense of "Man Made" global warning, as a political leverage, to steal our wealth and personal power. They are calling it, Climate Change, now, because it is proven that the Earth is not just heating up, but experiencing both, extreme heat and cold.

The whole lie about man made global warning was pertetrated, in order to tax businesses and citizens of every country (especially, the most wealthy cournties) and to steal control of all the Earths energy and resources.

The idea of "Cap and Trade," or Carbon Trading, came from Ken Lay, the man who's schemes and dishonesty, bankrupted Enron Corporation. The ruling elite have planned to tax us for the very air that we breathe.... by calling it our "Carbon Footprint."

Are we experiencing "Climate Change?" Yes, indeed we are. Most scientists agree that this change in our weather is caused by heavy solar activity.... and it is cyclic. It happens about every 5000 years.
(but you see, that is a natural process and with no one to blame, there is no one to tax).

If you would like to know more about how the elite ruling class, through the UN, plan to steal our land and our rights to own personal property, just do a search on "AGENDA 21." They are getting full control of our food supply, next on the AGENDA, is to stop people from building homes and living out, in the country. (They are doing this benignly, by using terms, like: "Sustainable Development, Green Communities, Smart Communities," etc...
but the truth is, it's all about the UN getting control of all land and natural resources.

Does any of this matter? Only if your right to life, liberty and personal property, matter.


Originally Posted by Freesia16
It’s a real shame that this has all been so politicized and skewed. The earth really deserves better – as do the people on it.

The earth’s climate is changing. That is something that we do know.

What science doesn’t know is why.

All this wasted time over how much or if humans caused it – totally disrespectful to the earth and life and any sense of interconnectedness, in my opinion.

Does it matter why its happening when the tsunami hits and now toxic waste is in the ocean because one corporation or the other didn't want to build the nuclear power plant away from the coast?

Does it matter when the gulf is full of oil because the dikes were built “strong enough” but not “strong enough to withstand a storm we couldn’t imagine or didn’t want to believe could happen”?

Does it really matter?

One thing science knows is that more heat in the atmosphere changes the weather – we get extreme weather – tsunamis; tornadoes – this causes havoc and costs millions of dollars when a country is hit not to mention the devastation to human psyches or animal life.

Global warming really should be called climate change – pure and simple – it’s real, it’s here, get used to it – stop arguing about the why’s and stick in some infrastructure on a local or national level, who cares which – and use some common sense to protect people and the environment from the devastation these environmental changes will cause.

Now that’s a nice idea no matter what the catalyst!

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