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Thanks for the dialogue here - this is fascinating.

Personally I went through a huge crisis last Christmas and felt that something in me snapped. Since then (January onwards) I have felt that a fast forward button has been pushed in my life and I am tapping into my/our spirituality at a highly accelerated pace. At time warp speed actually.

Through this time as well I have also sensed that I have been given some "space" for this to happen as work slowed down and I have been able to delve into this and with a voracious appetite. I have literally felt like a hammer has been delivered to my head that has fundamentally shifted my paradigms and helped me reconnect with what I have already known for years and it has been full speed since then.

During this time I have also felt really tired which is an interesting link to this thread (not in a sick way but in a psychological way as also sorts of things have bubbled to a head that I am approaching in a much more peaceful way now). During these months I have been finding that occassionally I just need to lie down in the middle of the afternoon for about 30 minutes and this seems to help.

Thanks for your interesting perspectives Ulla that 20 years ago I would have said "this is just too strange because it does not fit my mechanistic mindset" but today am saying "how interesting and exciting".

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