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Exclamation That Old Sherlock line...

I'm wondering, why is it exactly that Shirley's books are considered "non-mainstream"? As far as I can tell, it would take a super-genius like the world has never known to make up all the stuff I read in "Sage-ing..." and "...Over All That..." and not have any critic pick factual holes in it. Even my parents warn me that Shirley MacLaine is "eccentric". I just replied that what is considered eccentric in one time period is not necessarily considered that in another. And there seems to be quite a weight of evidence that we have been visited already, eyewitnesses, video, president way back disappearing from government knowledge for a short time, knowledge and predictions accurate from non-traditional sources.

I must say I was as skeptical about UFOs and reincarnation as any regular person, but Shirley's unique textual mixture of reason, exploration and experience changed my mind, alongside the old Sherlock line which goes something like 'if you eliminate everything impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, is the truth'.
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