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I do feel the special energy of revolution. Part of the reason for me to leave the city is to get closer to the Earth, to de-clutter the signal. Also, I am making a commitment to reduce/cease addictive behavior that helps me shut down and go unconscious from the energy coming in.

I've noticed how much more sensitive I am. I feel when the energy is coming into my body and whether I am choosing to let it flow through me or in fear, holding on to it - causing tension and nervousness.

My dreams have been fantastic and it has been easier to have one foot in the waking world and one foot in the world of my unconscious at the same time. Also, synchronic events are turning up a lot. People from dreams calling or appearing in front of me the next day. Going to a party and feeling like I have known all the people there from before.

There is great hope and also great darkness. The trick for me is not to judge it but to let it be.


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