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Default Synchronicity

Carl Jung believed in synchronicity as a meaningful result of psychic energies coming together. As he got older, he continued to refine his research in the subject, especially as it related to Astrology.

When I moved to San Francisco, my luck (Jupiter trine my Sun in Virgo) was waning. Furthermore, there was ever present the flip side of this aspect in that I was deluding myself to some degree. As time went on, in S.F. the "air" seemingly kept leaking from my tires. Pluto went retrograde in April and I was running on fumes.

But Jupiter was coming around to form another aspect, this time to oppose itself in my natal chart. Oppositions are like full moons, there's tension yes, but it produces something new. The froth is at its height. Just as the Sun and Moon oppose each other during a full moon, when a planet is in phase with itself or another planet, one can correlate that phase (first quarter/square, full moon/opposition, last quarter/square, new moon/conjunct) and look into the meaning of the cycle.

This Jupiter cycle began in the final months of 2006. I can't remember what may have shifted for me then, but as a "new moon" phase what ever was initiated was likely still in darkness, or in my subconscious. When Jupiter squared itself in my chart, it was early 2009. I was at Esalen for the second time and I was invited to lead some chant at our workshop and it was also the first time I consciously channeled a figure from my higher self, a very tall Native American looking man who lent his very powerful voice in a song at the end of the workshop. In the first quarter, the light was still gaining in brightness. From this step, I went deeper into my alchemical studies and made a commitment to find a way to work with my gifts.

So here, at the end of the Jupiter opposition, the light is in its fullness. The energy is mature. And with it, comes the synchronicity of a visit to the Wildwood Retreat Center in Guerneville, Calif. This place is 200 acres of Northern California ambrosia. For decades, particularly during the AIDS "war" as it is known here, this spot was the locus of healing activity for the S.F. gay community. Louise Hay and Elisabeth Kubler Ross both led workshops with men and the dying.

I felt an immediate connection to the place. Everyone there now has a special energy. Two of them are Aquarians, right in alignment with my Aquarian North Node - my future.

To add to the synchronicity, when I committed to leaving S.F. a week ago, money started to trickle back into my practice. And as I left Wildwood today, I was told that one of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers was visiting the site in advance of a ceremony. I have a connection to these amazing women from another part of my life.

So - it seems that life is nudging me to the next step: a new home and a new family at Wildwood.

The dream continues.


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