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Originally Posted by Chi
It's been posted on youtube in three languages:
English, German and Spanish.

  • The English version playlist has over 45,000 views since Aug 2010.
  • The German version playlist has over 13,000 views since Jul 2009 (with the "out of body segment" alone; having over 17,000 views).
  • The Spanish version ( with only 2 - ten minute segments posted) each have close to 2,000 views in only three months. The two Spanish segments were posted this year; March 2012.
So if "the linear powers that be" cannot (from their standpoint) SEE
the opportunity here... to make a little money; (Huge Grin...)
they must be blind.

Joy and Light,

Ha, Ha love your Huge Grin....

Yes I watched it again over last two nights and it was great to see it now after I made my journey to Peru and visited Machu Picchu on 11 November 2011.

I know that part two of this movie I loved the most and when we look at the words of David when he tells Shirley that she is meant to write about this and to become a world teacher, it is great to see how it turned out true.

How blessed you are Shirley to trust the inner and we know that you had to challenge many sceptics and you were exposed to much judgment, jokes so on. But you have done it, You are the loved, respected teacher...

What happened to David?
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