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Have you ever had an experience where you walked into a situation
and someone started feeding you information that you had no idea
what was going on? But by the info you just heard you surmised
a situation that you later learned did not exist? Anyway, my point
is, don't let anyone catch you offguard and overload you with data
that cannot possibly process towards a beneficial outcome. Therefore,
after receiving more info from another source, I had to backstep
and withdraw my participation.

In other words, slow down, (I am speaking to myself here), slow other people down and get all the facts first before responding and then one can always say, "I'll have to think about that."
Because, now, I have to go back and say, "I am so sorry but I misunderstood and I cannot participate." Which is alright too. The above
just banishes a step. ahahahha!!!
Love you, Deb
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