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It is amazing, isn’t it, to realize and experience that as we become more connected within ourselves, we can witness not only the affect of our choices for us, but their effect on others around us. The connection between us all, vibrationally, is profound…and as we continue to recognize this, our intentional choices for us provide us an opportunity to serve all in some way. More and more at this time, whatever we consciously choose for ourselves, rapidly teaches us something. The choice is, do we want to learn in a loving joyous way, or a harsh and difficult way. As you say, there are consequences to all we choose, both for us and those around us. Sounds crazy, but there it is!

I like your phrase “tangled quotes sitting beneath your tongue”. It really does feel like that sometimes…”knowing” what you want to say, and wanting to find the pertinent words in how to say it!

Another excellent rendering….thanks….

Blessed Be,
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