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Default The Big Elephant

The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

I now have tangled quotes
Sitting beneath my tongue
Harboring there, for a chance
To express that which so deeply
Furnishes me with a passion to be.

And now, I so listlessly present
Yet another portion of myself
That seems to be in need to
Venture forth in a means of timeliness.
Savoring every moment, holding still.

I shake my head in an attempt
To draw myself into the margin
Of gathering of the thoughts that
Wish to present themselves
On this day of rendering.

Shaking my head still, I step up to the plate
And center myself in a way for presentation
That will ultimately give note to the degree
Of matter/manner that wishes to be expressed
So, here I am exposed expressing....

There are many continuities that are pressing forward
At this time, many coming forward to say their peace
And many others, listening and wondering from whence
They stand and where forward they should come.
Now is the time of reckoning for all it seems.

Choices, choices, now is the time for choices to be made
And for each to realize the consequences of each choice
That is made. Yes, a time of reckoning, surrender and
A deliverance of what the soul has made to be complete
Within that which is to be offered for the sustenance.

As one gives, so is one given and obtained and received
So is all comprehended, acknowledged and accepted
In the conception of the idea of one created for the benefit
Of all experiencing this moment with an open mind of conception
And fruition coming to be. No longer statutes addressed or expected.
Only true virtue of the moment received.

Now, what do we derive from this movement?
Ah, it is all a shaking away from that which no longer serves us
And a deliverance it seems to carry on in the way that feels
Total abundance wrapping itself around in accordance
With that which was equated to the intention set forth.

And now here we sit in abundance....

Love, Deb
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