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Oh WOW, C., I witnessed this in motion today at my son's nursing/rehab facility. I came in and my son was sitting on the patio with others and I joined them. Now, one has to consider that among the "group" present, there were totally cognitive individuals as well as those who are experiencing what is traditionally called dimentia states. So, as we all were sitting there sharing, it was like we encompassed all who were there without negating anyone's current experience of the moment. As I suggested to Sean, there are some there who are living in their own dimension, which is just as real to them as our dimension is real to us. So, there tends to be a respect in that regard. What may be delusional to us, is another's current experience. So, that is what all of us at the table were respecting without any discussion. It was like a given. We respect this man's space in the way that he chooses to express whether it seems delusional to us or not. For him, it is his dimensional expression of the moment. WOW, and there never was a word said among us all, we all just did it automatically. Isn't that amazing?

And you know what he ended up saying? He said, "Sean, I am so proud of you how you have come through this without any complaining at all, you just smile and carry on like nothing ever happened."

And of course, I observe all of this beautiful tender amongst these individuals who have been drawn together in this place and I am continually amazed at the caring that goes on amongst them and Sean and the little bit that I contribute. It is always truly beautiful, to say the least.

My son gave me the best compliment today as I sat and talked with the all of them on the patio. He said:

I saw your old spark again today, haven't had a chance to see you in a round table discuss in quite a while. You make everyone laugh
and you set the tone for conversation. They got a kick out of you today, I did too.

That made me feel so good. Anyway, I guess I'm done spouting. We are doing good here, thanks to all of you and your continued prayers and intentions.

Love you, Deb
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