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Default The Big Elephant and Boglivia

The Big Elephant and Boglivia
by Deb Abbott

When Venus crosses the Sun
And interjects her energies into
The Heart of the Solar King
It is a time for a whole new
Awakening of the presence


For so long within this realm
A patriarchal principle has reined
And given the results of that reining
Now a new energy has been set forth
In an attempt to change that force to


As the Venus crosses the face of the Sun
She wipes away all that was begun
And inserts a new way of being
That allows for the freeing
Of limitations that have deterred

New Visions...

New ways of being, unlimited
No longer are there any restraints
All is become to the fullness
Of the majesty of the being
Of One assisting Itself

To Emerge...

And in that, hands reach out
To assist one another across the land
And each one divining for themselves
Through the approach to another
In assistance in a way that is needed

In Giving...

As has been proclaimed before
And now repeated here again
The only thing we can take with us
Is what we have given
That is the substance


Love, Deb
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