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I agree with you frogbored when you say,” we are part of a cosmic system that ebbs and flows from the attraction and separation of vibratory energetic intentions. We are more in control of this than we understand.” I also accept that “reality is not run by a machine that is void of intent or purpose,” primarily because it is my understanding that reality IS the machine, not that which creates or runs it. It is the feminine visible aspect that embodies the masculine so as to give presence or existence to the masculine while the masculine is the unseen blue-print, the intent and purpose enacted by the feminine; two halves of the same coin; the same Totality.

To explain my thinking I will briefly elaborate so you may understand my viewpoint and if so desired offer suggestions for further exploration. I very much enjoy the exchange and welcome constructive differences.

The mechanisms that manifest as the forms (existence or perceived reality) that enable experience are not in and of themselves, in their singularities, the creator selves that utilize them as tools enacting purpose and intent. Human beings existing as fully balanced self aware differentiated conscious selves can utilize both their masculine and feminine aspects to produce and utilize tools, learn, express, and comprehend the information that is inherent to their beingness. Individual forms, in essence, are not separated from Totality yet serve and exist as aspects of differentiated Totality. As such they cannot be void of purpose or intent whether individually self aware or not, self directed or not. The fact that they can be experienced as a differentiated “something” indicates they denote an existence, a reality, a difference, or set boundary that reveals specific information that can be both experienced and recognized by the Observer; yet they are nothing more or less than the “knowing or awareness” of the Observer. In actuality there is no separation. Nothing exists apart from Totality. The degree of conscious participation a singularity, a human being or form has as an aspect of Totality to influence karma or any other aspect of life depends upon its depth of awareness and inherent wisdom.
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