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Journey WITHIN The All That Is (Part 1)
by Peg 6-23-04

All appears silent …

then Suddenly – Awareness!! …

that ----- I AM !

I Am Aware of My Beingness

I sense a floatingness –
----A suspension within Allness

I open my proverbial “eyes”
----Smiling in discovery, the vastness within Me – that lies

A surreal feeling, almost dreamy

I breathe - in and out - gentle and slow,
I pulsate to the rhythm of the flow…

----In sync with the grand symphony –
----The sounds of silence – music of a different kind, to me

So much - sooo much - potential within this playground
----In joy, I burst myself out, by intense directive of thought
----And through a myriad of “ME’s” – I found
----The power and purpose – long sought

The expansive omnipotence of what Creation is

And have come to know – I AM … All That Is !


Journey WITHIN The All That Is (Part 2)
by Peg 7-19-11

(I had a dream a couple of weeks ago, and though I can’t recall the specific details of it, I awoke with the thought, or should I say question, what if we all represent a ‘memory’ in the Mind of “God” or All That Is? That root connection of One, uniquely expressed by the many, has always fascinated me. I have long felt that Source Creator experiences Itself through our individual experiences, and learns and grows along with us.)

Breathing in – deep and full
Breathing out – gentle and slow

Floating softly within the rhythmic wave of My Being
Moving with the graceful pattern of the Universal Symphony

I relax into the Concurrent memories of the myriads of “Me”
---Patiently awaiting the awakening of each
---To the sentient awareness that “we” are more than what appears to be

Existing far beyond just single physical points of expressions
Simultaneously playing in a vast array of realities, paradigms, and dimensions

For just a moment, My senses focus on the 3D world
And I marvel at how its theme of polarity makes for such perfect and divine partners

With each choice, a fresh canvas to create
---Each painting - a living work of art - continuously changing
---Against a backdrop of light and dark - in mirrored silhouette

A challenging playground, fueled by the imagination of master thinkers
---Whose thoughts and ideas have the potential to summon
---The best - or not - each chooses to be

Yet its ultimate purpose, to grow and evolve, no matter the choice
---Calls us to the ballroom floor…

And so, between the Light and Dark of the floodlights…

I gently smile and say…
Shall we dance?

Blessed Be,
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