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To me, this has got to be, by far, the Best writing in this whole thread. I keep re-reading and re-reading, and each time, come away with new insight. So, when Deb and I talked tonight, we had a great discussion about this latest post. As so often happens between us, when one of us shares an insight, it sparks another deeper insight in the other! And so, levels of meaning keep expanding and expanding. And we both want to share them with you…so here goes…

Originally Posted by debabbott
The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

In the scope of multiple occurrences
“scope of multiple occurrences” - we perceive this on 3 different levels…
1-the planetary alignment 12/21/12
2-the events on our planet from wars to weather to corruption to compassion etc
3-our inner work to release what no longer serves our highest good
Within the Universe at this point
With many energies touching one another
all of these energies touching each of us in some way
There are semblances of types that are
“semblances of types” – a form or appearance that is deliberately misleading
ah, how often have we heard “nothing is as it appears” !


This issue seems not to come too often
We may be incorrect on this, but is the alignment every 26,000 years?
Yep, not too often! LOL
In this rotation of energies
Rotation of the energies – all the heavenly bodies spiraling thru the Cosmos
So, something of great import
Is purposed to occur

The Mayan predicted alignment for 2012?

There is likened to be a gathering of energies
That will put forth entities that encompass
“entities” – possible UFO disclosure?
A method that has gone before but will in the
‘method that has gone before” – much coming to light now about our
true origins (star) and previous visitations in ancient advanced civilizations
who left signs of their presence around the planet (pyramids, hieroglyphics,
writings, symbols, etc), so, visitation will be the same but not the same
Near future show itself under warded yet
“under warded” – meaning under protection, shielded from danger or harm

(yet "unfettered", free to accomplish its purpose)
makes perfect sense in the scope of the dynamics occuring
in the bigger picture (2012 Ascension concepts)

It will come at a time of expecting with a show
many of us have a preconceived expectation of what will occur
Of the unexpected in a maze of events
That have to be noted, yes, but give less
Than what has been expected

"unwarranted" (unexplainable) maze of events

And then as suddenly as all are disappointed
disappointing (at first),
Then comes a second breath that will take
2nd breath – can be either us going within (meditation), or another occurence
Forward that which has been disposed
that will take forward– magically giving birth to
that which has been “disposed” – two meanings here, both can
be appropriate depending on where we are at in awareness:
1-receptive and/or prepared
2-disregard or throw away
And now the presence owns itself with no definition
(presence owns itself) can be either the individual “we” take ownership without limits (no definition), or again another occurence

Deafening quiet....

With the spark of creation of the moment comes
An appealing warmth that chooses to embrace
The points of heaven that have been left abandoned
(points of heaven abandoned) - what we have 'forgotten'
And so, now there comes a new expression of that
creating a new expression of our Divine Selves in the Cosmos
here on Earth...the physical Light Being

Which owns itself in the Cosmos....

It is time to listen to this new voice that is heralded
Pinioned between points of residence and long occurenced
“pinioned” – bound
“between points of residence” – not only our current physical focus, but
our multi-dimensional selves
“long occuranced” - (all time as One)
Of which has never before been presented
A New Awakening coming from the distance

To embrace ITSELF...
(recognizing and acknowledging the I AM That I AM) 2012’s Ascension within!

Love, Deb

Am sure buzzed with this writing...can you tell? hahaha

Blessed Be,
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