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WOW is right. This evening, Peg and I have been discussing what has been written in this latest rendering from the BE and Boglivia of which I feel is a blended presentation as far as I can ascertain. And we have come to some interesting observations or interpretations that seem to resonate with us. I have asked Peg to post them here so that we can share them with the all of you who may be interested. And we will be looking forward to any thoughts or perceptions that any of you may have.

Peg is not only good at interpreting dreams but she is also good at interpreting the writings of The Big Elephant and Boglivia that tend to come through me instead of from me. So, I always ask her, “What do YOU think?” And, always she expounds on issues in ways that seem to always give more depth and meaning to what I have written.

Throughout the reading of this, we both have felt the connection to Peg’s poem, “The Journey Within”, so I have asked her to again share that here as well so all can see the connections going on. As well, I am in the process of finding the post from The Big Elephant that puts her in the presence of the Extra-terrestrial and that communion that went on then. I was wondering if that was a precept to the coming of The Boglivia to join The BE? I have channeled The Boglivia for many years, initially in automatic writing, then audibly. And now it looks like we are back to automatic writing but in a slightly different way - where before it was pen and paper coming from Boglivia, now, it is keyboard on The Big Elephant thread. This rendering was a blend of energies between the two. How amazing is that… I just love it and feel so blessed to be the vessel through which these words come forth. All I do is type.

So, we are sharing all of this in hopes that you will enjoy the sharing.

Love, Deb
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