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Light beam - I've been chewing over your post for a few days now.
When I originally posted "Life is an echo" I didn't realize that it could have been interpreted in such a way.
Where I do believe we live within a reality of a balancing cosmos I'm not sure I agree with this equating to a machine that is devoid of intent or purpose.
Wouldn't it's purpose, on a simplified level, be to teach us to "treat others how you want to be treated". This may be viewed as an act of divine discipline or guidance or it might be viewed as us being part of a cosmic system that ebbs and flows from an attraction and or separation of vibratory energetic intentions.
When we understand that our conscious or unconscious thoughts and actions are the very things that set these distinct vibrations in motion which then creates the reality we are surrounded with we begin to realize we are more in control of this than we realize.
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