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WOW, Deb, talk about gathering the future into the present!
What a beautiful way of expressing a dimensional insight into
what is occuring.

As usual, BE (or Boglivia?) is using words outside our normal
range of common "warded" ... had to dig
deeper to see what was being inferred...

Warded - protected, shielded from danger or harm
(yet "unfettered", free to accomplish its purpose)
makes perfect sense in the scope of the dynamics occuring
in the bigger picture

"unwarranted" (unexplainable) maze of events
disappointing (at first), yet magically giving birth
to what we have 'forgotten' (points of heaven abandoned)
creating a new expression of our Divine Selves in the Cosmos
here on Earth...

"A New Awakening coming from the distance to embrace ITSELF"
I absolutely love this phrase! (to me, 2012's Ascension Within)

These are just my thoughts of what has been written and wanted
to share them. Beautiful thoughts, Deb. Thanks for sharing them
with us.

Blessed Be,
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