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Default Purpose of Karma

Contemplating the idea that what we sow is what we reap relies on a belief that we are fully responsible for the quality of our lives. I think it is more complicated than if we do something good something good comes our way or if we do injury we suffer injury. Even though its would be difficult, if not impossible to deny that mechanism, could we also be failing to realize that we are then defining or limiting our understanding of reality to nothing more than a cosmic machine void of intent or purpose. Is the heart of our focus to be centered upon the machine, the activities we call karma, or that which empowers the system?

We can read the intent or will underlying our experience with life in our everyday experiences. Meaning can be found not only within the activity themselves but within the underlying intent of the activity. That which is necessary for our growth is revealed like a text book by the actuality of our daily lives if we but pay attention. Yes we could suffer a hardship because at one time we rendered hardship upon another but the purpose of such may be more than a balancing act. The purpose could be a need to learn and instill compassion within our waking minds or to reveal a truism that manifests and reveals the need for us to create an awareness of, and desire for, infinite love and understanding; to bring cosmic truisms out of instinctual awareness, non conscious action and response, into conscious self awareness. When humanity examines karmic mechanisms as though they were tools that serve rather than tools that discipline and control, they will begin to understand and appreciate that karma is the gift of divine guidance that enacts the messages of Divine intent; messages that help humanity discover and consciously understand and participate in the process of enlightenment.
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