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Default Mother Baobab....

The Big Tree 7
By Peg 5-24-12

“Ah, my friend”, said Mother Baobab,
“it’s been quite a while since our last visit,
but not a day has gone by
wherein you are not surrounded in thought
with loving Blessings to nourish you”.

“I see you have given voice
to yet another Dimension of Yourself…
and it is with Joy I welcome The Boglivia here
to share yet another aspect of wisdom
with our growing family of One!”

“Interesting, is it not,
what renderings may come from a little rock?
Like us all, so much more than what it appears to be…
More than color, texture, temperature…
It quietly and patiently awaits
our sensing of its energy
and freely shares its gift of knowledge
when we are willing to be open to its offerings.
For it has been said that information is found
in bone and stone.
And behold, just look at the insight
It has revealed to you!”

“There is such a subtle rhythm to Life,
a flowing connection,
if we, as you say, simply allow ourselves
to open to it.”

“So Boglivia, Big Elephant, and Deb”
thank you for sharing this insight.”

“May your coconut continue to fill!”

Smiling with Love…Mother Baobab
Blessed Be,
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