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Smile The Big Elephant - The Boglivia Speaks

The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

I was holding a small rock today
Feeling its energy, listening to what it had to say
The color was black, it was cold yet comforting
I flipped it over and over in the palm of my hand.

It now lays upon my coffeetable holding it's own space.
Yeah, right by the Scotties Tissues with the Oriental ambiance
Somehow, everything is just kind of slinking together
In its own mesh of being.

I look at the title of this post - The Boglivia Speaks
And yet I know it is the fullness of Deb that is present
In these renderings right now,
And I am attempting to find the balance here.

So, I would suppose that is what this little venture is about
Attempting to find the gesture that would be appropriate
To present the energies that we are all now feeling.
Yes, I think we are more in tune with the whole of the whole now.

There will be moments of connection with others in very subtle ways
Gently touching that will reveal greater influences available
Soft moments of allowing us all to adjust and equate
In a gentle state that is appropriate to our current energies.

All each of us has to do, is simply be aware, astute and willing
To follow through with that which is being presented
And yes, when we can just walk into it freely and join with it
And move it with us into that which best serves all,

Then we will find the coconut is full.

Love, Deb
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