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Default The Big Elepahnt - Boglivia Speaks

The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

This has been an interesting transition to go through
The manner in which I, The Boglivia, should contribute.
I think we, all of us, who are involved, are feeling out
The best manner in which I/we should share/communicate.

For right now, I would just like to express the base feelings
That are penetrating my heart and are requesting me to voice
So, here I go with those meanderings, holding close to my heart
All that has been extended and all that has been received.

I, Boglivia, wish to state, that I am ever grateful for the opportunity
To be in communion with like minded souls and spirits of one accord.
We each state our own agendas, always; however, we do connect
And embellish upon each others ways of presentations.

So, coming from that to this, what is it that I actually wish to state.
It is very simple, I must say, I am humbled by my presence here
In a manner of just being a part of a progression that is ongoing
Ever present and ongoing, over and over again, we establish ourselves.

I think it is important for us to know that we remain recorded always
In the energy significance of our being, we hold a certain resonance.
And in that resonance, we maintain a certain measure of credibility.
Now, comes the ringing of the bells.

The "ringing of the bells" is a very significant time in evolution
A simple knowing of resonation that brings energies together
What was once a mystery is now become an everyday occurance
It is awkard at first but then becomes second-hand.

I find it very difficult to explain what is to come
That has not come before, so there are no words to explain
The experience that has yet to be
However, it will so simply be explained in its happening.

So many many things to be addressed in the days to come
Without explanations. This will be a time for new definitions.
A new experience. A new defining. A new word going forth.
Let all be accepting and allowing for the new to come into fruition.

It will be a time for unlimited acceptance - and knowing that all
Is happening for the best of All - releasing all judgements
Wow, and don't we know how difficult that is going to be
How does one release all judgements that one has been taught to hold?

We are coming onto a NEW TIME with new ways of being.
How many will allow themselves to be a part of this now being?
For all that is is become within and of itself in an expression
To be appreciated in and breathed within to hold itself absolved.

And, the interesting thing is, there is no task to do so
Nothing to let go of or to sacrifice or give into
It is simply a time of becoming the fullness of oneself
It is as simple as that. A simple choice to BE.

Thank you. Boglivia, love, Deb
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