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My Mercury is at 2 deg Virgo, right on my Sun and Venus - it's a very nice stellium.

When I wrote goddess as an archetype for ET, it was referring to her Scorpio Moon. I also have a Scorpio Moon and a deep connection to that goddess energy: Kali, Xi Wang Mu, Shakti, the Black Madonna etc... Her Moon's 11th house placement only refers to the context: within a tribe. She choose Hollywood for her tribe.

Archetype basically translates to "first form." Plato used it to define primary functions that could not be broken down into other parts. In Jungian psychology and in the way I use Alchemical Healing and Astrology, the archetype points to the piece of Self (note capital S) from the personal unconscious that is communicating energy to the ego or through the shadow. On a Mythical level of consciousness, this is a piece of our personal divinity coming through.

To answer your question about how I look at the impact of transits in a chart:

The house and sign of the transiting body, in this case Uranus, offers information as to the "Where" and the "How" or "Why" in the question that it's asking one to answer. This is based on Steven Forrest's work "The Changing Sky."

The planet always fills in the blank of "What". Since Uranus is a slow moving planet, the transit creates a season or theme that is evolving for a person. The transits of the Moon, Mercury and Venus are so fast that their influences can happen in a matter of hours and days as opposed to weeks, months and years. So when looking at transits as a beginner, it helps to start with the slow moving planets to get the bigger picture before trying to understand the faster planets that are no less powerful but harder to detect sometimes.

If Uranus in Aries, the transiting Uranus, makes "hard" aspects to other transiting planets (like its squares to Pluto in Capricorn over the next few years) or to planets in your natal chart then the answer to your question about influence is Yes. Hard aspects are usually defined as: Conjunction (fusion of two or more energies), Opposition (tension between two energies),or Squares (friction between two energies).

If Uranus will conjunct Venus and Jupiter then you will need to meditate on how those transiting planets will fuse to create a "super planet" that is influencing your natal chart.

The "soft" aspects of trine, sextile, inconjunct (quincunx) and others are meaningful but probably harder to tune into at first.

In terms of the natal position of Uranus vs the transit - yes, look at the intention of that natal Uranus and any aspects it makes. Those relationships never change on the base level, the transits indicate the evolutionary path of that base relationship. So an 8th house Virgo Uranus will always be asking questions of how can you be completely individual (free) in the way you handle sex, death and/or the occult. What makes you authentic/inauthentic in these areas of your life?

With a Uranus in Aries in your 3rd house of communication it is offering a breakthrough (Aries influence) or insight to the vision of that 8th House Uranus in your lifetime. Will you go with the flow and lose the approval of some of your friends and family? Or will you fall prey to being insensitive, cold and being judgmental?

Elizabeth Taylor did have a Venus in Aries and Mars in Pisces. So I always look at the planets in context with the whole chart. Separating them makes me blind to the influence of themes in someone's life.

You have to get a sense for yourself of how a (using ETs chart) a Mars/Protector is needing to Pisces/Contemplate, Imagine, Meditate through 3rd House/gathering and sharing information, or through siblings since 3rd house is ruled by Gemini.

And, a Venus/Lover or Artist needs to Aries/Survive, Risk, Pioneer through 4th House/understanding one's own needs and fears, also establishing roots in the form of home and family. Also, attuning to the inner self.

Aries is ruled by Mars, so Mars has a connection to Venus through the courage or rage that comes up when that aspect is embodied or denied.

Does that help?

Any trines in your Pisces to your Cancer N Node will have a noticeable affect on how you move toward breaking the old karma. How well you integrate the particular planet that forms the aspect helps determine the positive or negative affect on your nodes. And remember that any planets that aspect the North Node are likely to aspect the South Node in some way.

Finally, on "wound" vs. "shadow":
The wound represents the thing we are here embodied to heal and transform in this lifetime. That wound can be conscious or unconscious. The shadow simply refers to the part that's unconscious - and it can be a positive or negative thing.

So we tend to avoid touching our wounds and therefore the healing or positive side remains unconscious or in shadow. Then it gets projected through us to the behavior in others we really like or dislike. The healing and integration of the positive aspect only comes when we consciously move towards the hurt of the wound and open it for us and others to see. The wound may never actually "heal," but it is our soul that has found wholeness through the process which allows us to move on. Once we make a habit of touching the wound when called to do so, the shadow aspects become smaller and less powerful. The power becomes part of our conscious tool bag.

Thanks for this opportunity to get this out! Great stuff to think about.


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