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Hi GentleRick,

I love the way you describe things – “the broad brush stroke” – wonderful –

If you don’t mind me asking – where’s your mercury ?

I almost understand the archetype – broad brush stroke – was the term goddess distilled from the Scorpio energy and placement?

I’m also a bit confused about how to consider the transits. What you said made sense – looking at the houses Uranus would transit – But I’m not sure - do I say – Uranus is in Aries – so I look at my birth chart and find where aries is – in my case – 3rd house – so then Uranus is transiting the third house? And also if there’s other planets there – would it affect them by being at some point in conjunction to them? For me that would be Jupiter and Venus at some point.

Or – do I look at where Uranus is in my birth chart (8th house for me) and say that the energy of Aries is affecting the Virgo energy I have there – ?

I’m leaning towards the former rather than the latter

I also was wondering – did Elizabeth Taylor have a Venus in Aries and Mars in Pisces – I have those placements and was wondering how you saw the venus and mars interrelating. Not just in terms of relationships and sex but more in terms of intiating (anything) and relating (to anything or anyone)

I’ve been considering the relationship of these placements in isolation from my entire chart to get a sense of how I’ve had one overshadow the other – ie the venus in aries tended to move forward when the pisces initiator was saying “uh, ok” but then getting dragged behind the horses, if that makes sense. I’ve been trying to rebalance that.

It made me wonder though, as I started to read up on the nodes – if we came into our lives not only with the nodes – what we know well – but also aspects to our charts which would help us learn our karma. I felt that maybe my pisces placements would have supported a move to the Cancer north node I have. So I was quite thrilled to see you are really delving into that whole idea very deeply – I didn’t realize that you could look at a chart either and see the lifetime in the past – but it makes sense in terms of the energy we come down knowing would come from some energy pattern in a past life which then would be able to be balanced out by the energy we decided to give ourselves now.

I hope that makes sense .

One last question in terms of wounds – I don’t want to say “what are we looking for here?” - but I get the impression that a wound would be a hurt – and relating that to the shadow – I’ve read the shadow can be something that would be considered a “positive” – ie people’s shadows could be not letting themselves enjoy life fully – which would mean they would find something like joy in the shadows – but a wound doesn’t sound like the same thing would happen – is there a difference?

I’ll stop now – because I still haven’t moved forward with the answers you left me last time (just stuck the cool smiley in to shake the smiley pattern up! and I think that's all I'm allowed )

Thank you!

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