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Deb, Kris Kristofferson? I want to get it right.

Rob, I love the personal/persona description of ET. Why not be both?


I can gladly look at Nina Simone's chart. Astro Databank has it. She's one of my favorites.

The secret to the Uranus/Pluto Squares over the next few years (energy fades out by 2016/2017) is to look at the house positions in transit.

The house is the "where" part of the sentence that the planet "what" and sign "how/why" create together. Try to formulate those sentences separately then for Pluto meditate on "What has wounded your ____? If you heal it, breakthrough can come in the form of (insert Uranus sentence)______.

Also look at the shadow aspect or negative aspect if the wound remains unhealed.

The Pluto crossing the Ascendant transit is a separate issue. Pluto in the 12th house making an aspect is pulling something big out from under the covers, spiritually. What it pulls out depends on how serious you have been in your own work to heal yourself. One astrologer friend, Robert Wilkinson likens the Pluto transiting the Asc energy to becoming gifted with seeing the angel and devil in others. They know you can see and it doesn't help make you any friends. But the seeds you gather from the experience can be used or stored for later.

If you want to know more, let me know.

With Elizabeth Taylor's Sun/Moon/Asc - you are correct. I distilled the archetypes behind her Pisces (identity with spirit) through communications (3rd house) her Scorpio (intensity/emotions/soul) in the context of her place in the tribe (11th house) with her Sag Ascendant (the need to take risks.)

It's a very broad stroke from the Evolutionary Astrology perspective, but it's a good "first impression." EA does very well when going into greater detail and nuance. My intention with the celebrity readings is to capture the value of EA quickly for people who don't know what it is.

That said, the rest of the chart is very important. Liz's moon is a singleton, it carries extra weight. Her Mercury and Sun are conjunct adding to her need to be heard and to develop listening skills. Mars is close by which adds some aggression to her need to communicate her spirit identity. When Shirley writes that Liz was not as naturally outgoing as she, that agrees with ET's North Node in Pisces. She was offered a karmic lesson to learn how to bring that 3rd house spirit identity into her outer integrated self. Her 9th house South Node suggests she already had the training to be a goddess or the devotee of one. In this life, she was invited to communicate what she had been taught.

I dare say she did!
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