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Hi GentleRick,

Ive been meaning to write you back on the other thread I have some questions about the Uranus transit as well as the pluto crossing your ascendent (I have a Capricorn ascendant too as well as a south node which, from this thread is making me wonder how pluto is affecting me in those areas . . .)

But in terms of this thread which has distracted me from the other -

I was trying to follow along in what I understand of the signs, houses and aspects which is very basic (actually Im only up on the signs and aspects a bit the houses not at all).

When you say that Elizabeth Taylor, from an evolutionary perspective
was looking to become a goddess: poetic and risk-taking
is that because Pisces, the sun sign is goddess energy? Then Scorpio, the moon poetic and Sagittarius, the ascendent risk-taking? or the Scorpio Moon is goddess and Pisces Sun poetic (Im assuming Sagittarius, the fire sign, is risk taking ).

Im wondering because I found your three word descriptor very compelling

And Im assuming that we could all have such a three word descriptor sort of an introduction to our own evolutionary perspective ie take our Sun sign, moon sign and ascendent in some order (I assume the order matters because of what each sign represents in terms of sun, moon, ascendent?) and say Im looking to become x, y, z depending on what our signs were. Would that be possible?

Ill end with that question because while I do have some more because Im really interested in understanding what youre saying, part of my questions are down to now knowing the energies of the signs etc very well. They may diminish in number if I read this over a few times .

As for a celebrity for you to look at - My friend who has been studying astrology over the last few years to help her understand her life better - told me recently that she used Nina Simones chart to help her learn. I think she would look at the planets, houses etc and transits of Nina Simones chart and then at what happened in her life etc and while we have talked about the nodes I dont know that she applied that knowledge yet or even considered it or the idea of what we can do to overcome the karmic influences.

If you feel Nina Simone is a well-known enough person to merit considering, Id love to know what you discover. It would be great to be able to share your ideas with my friend. I think she would be very intrigued by your video series in general as am I.
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