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Default The Big Elephant

The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

The Full Moon lit The Big Elephant's way
As she plodded easily along, studying her path
She recognized that her horizons had broadened
Encompassing new and greater ways of expression.

She felt that she had grown in ways beyond
Her ability to express the fullness of such
And yet she knew that she would come to
A manner in which to entail it all, in time.

So that she could grapple the fullness of the meaning
Grasping for her own expression and then
Extending for another to encompass
She began relenting to the understanding of it all.

It was then that she heaved a heavy sigh
And let go of any and all tension
In which she might have allowed herself to possess
And simply breathed a simple breath and relaxed.

She let go of any need to analyze
And simply allowed the energy to become
Within and without her in a common agreement
Of release to be appreciated by all.

It was then that the meeting of The Big Elephant
And that of The Boglivia came into Union
Each accepting and appreciating each other
Knowing that each had much to share.

Love, Deb
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