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Lightbulb Past Lives of the Rich and Famous

I'm going to start a series of short videos to illustrate how astrology can be used to look at past life karma. Astrology doesn't actually identify names or places but it sometimes offers a lot of circumstantial details like the role in life that went bad and who/what that role was in relationship to.

This information is helpful in determining patterns or shadow in this life that do not serve a person well and identifying the tool to use that breaks this karma/patterns.

I want to know which celebrities you would like me to read.

Here is the example I am starting with: Elizabeth Taylor

She was a Pisces with a Scorpio Moon and Sagittarius Ascendant. So from an evolutionary perspective she was looking to become a goddess: poetic and risk-taking.

The lunar nodes tell the karmic story. With a South Node in Virgo, 9th house she brought a sense of internalized shame and guilt due to some kind of rigid culture or religious belief system. She perhaps punished herself when this karma was activated. Add Mercury as the ruler of Virgo and we learn from its Pisces placement in her 3rd house that she was likely some kind of prattler or heretic in this lifetime. A mystic or dreamer whose true voice was self-suppressed. Since her Sun in Pisces is conjunct her Mercury, we learn more about her identity in this lifetime: She was a King or Queen - at very least - a rock star of the era in which this lifetime took place. She had fame and power. Going deeper, the 9th house ruler is Jupiter and it resided in Liz's 9th house, a natural home as well as in Leo. Blinded by zeal in the rigid social/religious construct of the time, in all of the glitz, egomaniacal and over expression of royalty, the noblest expressions of her Virgo (treated like her Sun sign in that lifetime) service, refinement and analysis were crushed and she carried guilt for that.

To look at what astrology offered her as a tool to break the karma we go to her North Node, which was in Pisces, 3rd house.

If Liz were to make it a life mission to let go, to play, to believe in God's love as absolute (a phrase astrologer Steven Forrest wrote in his book Yesterday's Sky) she would have eased up on this internalized punishment for not being true to that past self. In this lifetime, there was no karmic need for her to struggle or engage with it. If she kept an open mind, a sense of discovery and curiosity - especially around those whose opinions were opposed to hers - she would have gained a sense of being OK with life as complex.

Here is a brief look at the "karmic ripening" as indicated by transits, progressions and Solar Arcs:

In the Fall of 1959 when a 1M contract was offered to her to play Cleopatra Liz was 27 and very near her Saturn Return (a time of shake up, moving into adult choices and dreams) as well as a Lunar Return in Scorpio. The moon transits through each sign roughly 2.5 years and ends up back where it started for the next cycle around age 28.

It was the largest sum for an actor's movie contract at that time. A sum she reportedly requested off-handedly as a joke. With her Moon all about establishing strategic alliances (and open to falling prey to tribal influences) this was a sensitive time. Her Solar Arc Moon was crossing her Ascendant, revealing something under the surface that had been brewing for a couple of years leading to a risk opportunity.

As it turns out, Richard Burton's Sun in Scorpio conjuncts Liz's moon. They met on the set of the film and married a few years later after affairs and divorces.

What plays an important part in this story is her Neptune in Virgo. It opposes Mercury, the ruler of her South Node and represents "a brick wall" in her reality from her past life. Not only was Pluto transiting right over her Neptune during these years, but Burton's Moon conjuncts her Neptune and likely was the tempestuous key in their relationship.

America and Hollywood may have devoured their relationship in the magazines and films but karmically it was too much electricity for the human in Liz to handle. His emotions would likely have turned her into a severe critic, and a martyr in an impossible situation.

As you can see, I've only scratched the surface and written close to 800 words. But let me know what you think and also if you would like to see a certain celebrity chart done as a way to explore this topic further.
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