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Hi HollywoodTess,

Thank you for expressing your feelings about my “this is a boring question” comments.

I wish you had done so on the other thread. I could have told you I was joking.

What you said helps me understand why you thought I meant anything argumentative when I asked you about your definition of confrontational.

I’m sorry to say that your interpretation of what other’s meant is not correct. The reason I asked you is because you had the same ‘happy’ and ‘positive’ attitude when you used the word ‘confrontational’ as they did. I’ve since had a chance to check with a few of them and they confirmed that they did mean what you said.

I did not realize that until now. So again, thank you.

I hope that now you understand that my comment on the other thread was a joke, you will be able to let go of your negative opinion of me.

We may not have the same ideas of how people “should behave” but I think that is always the case in every community since everyone is different - and people still get along.

If you really find things I say disturbing, please feel free to put me on “ignore”. The last thing I would want is for anyone to be upset by something I say. It’s all just my opinion.

Have a nice day.

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