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Default A Direct Response to You, Freesia:

Freesia: Here's an example of something I just read that you wrote. You are being called out as negatively "confrontational" or maybe even just plain "insulting" or "argumentative" because of your type of comments, such as that follow.
Ms. MacLaine posted a question that was obviously engaging her, and she politely asked for our feedback. That's called human "Conversation."
Freesia, you posted the following "remark":
"This question is boring. Mine was more interesting. I think you posted this question because you donít have an answer to mine or donít understand it and you think your question is smart. Or it has something to do with Dick Clark . . ." Now, Freesia, that's just blatantly INSULTING and ARGUMENTATIVE. Period. Anyone could see that. My guess is that you deliberately dodged the crux of Ms. MacLaine's question just so you could lob an insult at her. It is your "judgement" that something is "boring." (unengaging, uninspired, of no value). But that does NOT in fact, make it so.
There is something on the "Basics of Polite Human Communication" that you are either clearly missing, or, you are deliberately attempting to cause insult and argument.

Here's the deal: Ms. MacLaine has stuck her neck out to create a communications platform for "The greater and highest good of all concerned." It is clear that her intention here is "good." She didn't have to do anything at all. But, Ms. MacLaine has created this for supportive opportunities to connect with each other. Something that is not particularly easy in this world for "spiritual communication." And, she has created this on her exceptional name and reputation of her acting, writing, and spiritual leadership. I honestly believe that everyone here "Gets That." Ms. MacLaine is due much more than just your respect. THAT is the way of our civilized society (what's left of it. Hence, this site.) And if you, Freesia, don't get that, then I don't know what can be done for you. Your comment, above, begs much more than the question, "Who are you to say such an insulting thing to such an Iconic Leader?" It begs the question, "What is wrong in your thinking to say such a thing to a good-intentioned Iconic Leader in the first place?" Really, if you don't "Get It," the Vibe and Intention of this place, then you should do youself a favor and just leave. Because you are going to constantly upset the Management here, and yourself as well. And in the end, it's their site. They can boot you off of here for good. Fall in line. It's what's called for.
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