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Default Excellent Interview, Shirley

First, I congratulate Shirley on an excellent interview. She is so confrontational and does not accept BS or weak answers. I am always impressed at how you can tell that Shirley knows more than the person she is interviewing. She's got a much wider information base, and "experts" tend to only know about their one subject. That allows her to cross reference their answers in ways they can't cross reference.

I know what you mean, B., about the superficial answers. I finally saw my first UFO this past October, and that has dramatically changed my perception. Until "proof" as I defined it, I was very skeptical about all these undocumented stories. Unproven. Even this guest was sparse in her accounting that has lead to her solid belief system.

I didn't realize that Shirley was advanced in her understanding of Inter-Universe communication. I'm just sort of trying to deal with the "they'll be here" or "they're coming" ideas. But this idea of influencing federal government policy for peaceful interaction is a whole other level. It really leads to the motherload of conspiracy theories, doesn't it.

As far as the human race not being very advanced, I say, all you have to do is look around. I live in the woods and see first hand how humans are so far BENEATH other species in our Destructive and Self Destructive Behavior.
"We" destroy everything. Maybe the aliens should wait until we destroy our own planet completely, and then just come take it over. Sort of the "Inter-Gallactic Clean Up Committee."
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