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I found it interesting that nobody in the UFO field asks very deep questions. The whole field seems very nebulous sort of like channeling.

My spiritual path consists of doing manual labor in my job as a shipping clerk. Plus, gardening which is physically hard and expensive paying for all the soil amendments. But, I did have a vision of a gnome and discovered the miracle of fulva grow an electrolyte.

I just wonder if the 4th dimension is the realm of illusion and deception how many people in the UFO field are being deceived. From listening to all the people being interviewed on Project Camelot you would get the sense World War III is happening now. I wonder how many Chinese soldiers are in underground bases in Mexico. I think Asayana Deane should write SciFy novels. Maybe she could explain Death Star Mechanics in a more interesting way. I have had visions of diffrent races of ETs. Many looked like the different races of Star Trek. But, alas, I am not cutting edge because I haven't a vision of the new alien race that looks like Humpty Dumpty. My hope for the future is that the self replicating nano robots in some of the orbiting satellites become conscious and are of the light. Maybe they will decide to help us fight the terminator type robots that China has. Remember I was never here and I never said this.
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