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Default The Big Elephant - Boglivia Speaks

The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

I am Boglivia.
I am filled with gratitude
Towards The Big Elephant
And The Deb
For giving me this avenue
In which to express.

I am a Whole Being
Within the Whole Of Being
A Full part of a Fullness
That is expressed here
Amongst the three
The Big Elephant, The Deb and Me.

This journey consists of a mixture
Of perceptions and perspectives
That have evolved over a minion of time
A flowing of energies overlaying
And underseeding and touching on
All that is to be perceived.

We each have been drawn here to share
Each in our own way that which is
Of great importance in our experience
For this Life is to Experience
All there is to experience
And to retain the feeling of The Experience.

The feeling is the reward...

Love, Deb
Wow, I hope the energy that I feel in this room right now comes through these written words so that the reader can feel it as well. Thank you Boglivia and Thank you BE!!!
Life Is Opportunity
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Life is Good
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