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Thumbs up Great interview..too little time!

Wow Shirley!Great interview!No wonder Dr. Rosin's hair is so white!Mine's heading that way too now with geo-engineering battles! I hope you do get a chance to talk with Dr.Rosin again soon.I look forward to reading her book.
I would love to help spread the word about the peace treaty.May I copy and paste your info that you wrote above?I could post it on It's funny ,I was just listening to CBC radio this am and they were discussing the possibility of the mining of asteroids for the typical capitalist purposes and I was disappointed to hear that Jamie Cameron was one of the wealthy folks interested in assisting in funding this project..this the fellow who created Avatar!!Aye aye aye!How about investing all that money in peaceful projects which assist our fellow humans on this planet first??I am so sick of this sense of entitlement..that we can just go do any old thing we want without thinking about the consequences.Pure greed!Space exploration should be about learning not taking what doesn't belong to us.
Good luck Shirley and ps. I have great respect for Paul Hellyer also.He just wrote a marvellous article for the newsletter COMER(Committee On Monetary and Economic Reform)entitled "Global Hope:A Plan to End the Worldwide Financial Crisis. If every major country in the world would take on Paul's suggestions we would be off to healthy start for a new page turned on this beautiful but very troubled planet.I am trying to figure out how to pass this one on too! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE !(take a slow deep breath,or 10! )
When asked what he thought about Western Civilization Gandhi replied ," That would be nice!"
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