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A treaty sounds very Star Trekky – the first series - cool and necessary.

I think a treaty is necessary because of kind of the reverse thing that Stephen Hawking’s talked about. He said that if aliens came we might not do so well just like natives didn’t do well when Europeans came to North America or other places.

I know that was supposedly a joke – but I’m not so sure – he’s got a very good point – we can’t just “believe” people – aliens or otherwise will act the way we expect – that’s a very smart thing to know, if you ask me. Never mind do we know what kind of possible diseases aliens could have? Thinking of the last interview which I haven’t even finished yet – they could have electromagnetic diseases maybe if that exists.

Anyway, the way this is opposite that is that it relates to an agreement of how to behave out in a relatively unexplored territory. And that’s like what didn’t happen back in the days of exploring the west. People had different views of how things should proceed – some people wanted to treat natives and the west very differently from what happened.

Aside from that since there was no law or treaties out in the US western fronteir – there was a very different settlement pattern than in Canada where the west was opened up with laws and Mounties and a railroad didn’t hurt. In Canada because of this there was no wild west – no violence, no gun fights.

Whereas in the US for about 25 years there was no law and people – young men or even teens a lot of them who would be considered gang members in today’s inner city – rode around robbing and threatening people – and that lawlessness has been mythologized when it wasn’t even that long a period. Adding to, in my opinion the whole us/them – rebellious bad guy is good no matter what they stood for or how unnecessary the behaviour was or who their behavior affected kind of idealogy. (Sort of a macho thing, if you ask me).

So I am glad, that some Americans are looking to have a different kind of opening up of outer space . Although I loved Hans Solo – I do think that there’s truth in the idea that we get what we expect. And if we expect to act reasonably with others and cooperate then we can say – “Hey, you’re not cooperating, what gives?”. The ultimate expectation and agreement should be cooperation – if we all lived by that everywhere the world would be a much different place.

(Something I believe touched upon in the last interview – just before I had to stop listening and to which I shall now return). I’m looking forward to this one.

PS - I was actually thrilled to see Hon. Paul Hellyers name on the list of co-authors of the treaty. I thought he was a lovely guest – his words about how we need to give everyone a chance really moved me.

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