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The only introspective commentary about reincarnation that ever resonated with me was what I read in "A Course In Miracles," which simply stated:
"If you feel it is helpful to your spiritual development to believe in reincarnation, then belive in it. If you don't find it particularly helpful, don't believe in it." That says it all to me. If it helps your spiritual path, use it. If not, then you are not obligated to believe in reincarnation.
All of the unprovable talk, talk, talk about reincarnation that I have read or heard in my life was just way too "pat." Too simple an explanation. To easy a way out. It never resonated with me. I do not think every deja vu feeling is "proof" of reincarnation. I believe that the vast energy field of everything perceived and unperceived, known and not known, is beyond our human comprehension. I hope, I HOPE I'll find out when I get there.
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