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Default The Big Elephant

The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

It was in the night when the Big Elephant felt an impulse
A subtle touch upon her soul to bring her attention to the hill
So, she walked slowly up the incline and looked around
Wondering what it was that was calling her. She sniffed the air.

There seemed to be a soft fragrance drifting within the gentle breeze
So, she wondered of its source as she appreciated its tender touch
Upon her soul....basking in that moment, she then questioned
Who and what is it that beckoned her attention.

A soft fog then began to emerge, rising from the earth to surround her being
It seemed to envelope her like a soft warm blanket
Cuddling her every sense of being
And settling her into what seemed to be, another dimension.

It was then, she heard the voice coming from the echoes of her mind.
It was at that moment that she knew of the intention of her being
It was like she was a major conduit from one world to another
And it was her energy that stablized the happening.

The Big Elephant stood strong and held the energy within her
Stabilizing the energy and allowing it to balance itself
She then allowed it to flow through her
It was then, that the energy of Boglivia was born through The Big Elephant.

Love, Deb
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