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Originally Posted by debabbott
The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

The Big Elephant had come to
A meeting with the energy of Boglivia
Both entities coming from their source
The common denominator, Deb.

The combination of the energies then ignited
Into the whole of the being of Deb.
But it was in the Big Elephant's journey
That she produced the path of this one, Deb.

Deb was the earthly point of being.
A starting point from which to begin to proceed.
Boglivia was a compass from another dimension
To congel the experiences of all and record.

The Big Elephant was the expression of the earth
Walking, she owned the path upon the plain
And Deb was the voice to record
While experiencing in her ownself all of the above.

And Boglivia was the one to deliver that which was to come.
It was now all in place
Boglivia, the one to come.
It was then that she began to speak.

Love, Deb

(and don't get mad at me) but at first
i thought the big elephant was in Bolivia.
I kept seeing Bolivia; i don't know why?
and then i realized, "No Chi,you FOOL!
It's an entity who's named is Boglivia.
Anyway Deb, this is really beautiful. i love the
detachment in this one . One can actually feel
the words coming from some place far far away.
And you know how i love, far far away.
Just beautiful, Deb. Really!
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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