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Hi Tgumster and all

So much going on in every single person on this planet The Earth,..yesterday I was "tuned in" how the individuals is receiving the new energy which we all now , know is coming silently in a soft invisible flow like an energy wave ...through our body, soul and mind.

2012 could be a cross point when we could improve our own power over matter,.and some are aware of this universal energy shift..........a power info by the most clean and lovely high vibrational cosmic knowledge............we can all be a part of this new wisdom, and how we can use it...some are not and will noticed nothing, until next life.

And why?? is this 2012 12/21....exactly on this day...and year...As I see it:

We have the 7 universes,...(there a millions more) but we can more relate to the 7,....behind all these multiple universes I see it: is a huge tsunami,............a tremendous powerful energy wave containing cosmic dust of frozen particles you can not see or measure with today's measuring instruments inside the nucleus of these photons is filled with 21 octaves higher vibration that flows through everything in the 7 universes , which hovers through planetary systems, in the great cosmic network, and into the Earth's internal crystal. and sends energy into the energy fields, and into us humans who receive it in the human network, .. and out through the grid we have around into our body, and into the crystalline cells.

If so the individual is aware of the energy the tags are encoded into the cells, .. so it's up to everyone to understand that you can activate the knowledge is encoded, ... and he / she can even upgrade his own body to be healthy.

The new cosmic information becomes activated on 12/21-2012, .. here on this planet. elsewhere in the universe are different date.
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