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hmm ... different thoughts keep flitting through my mind, as we discussed on the phone the other night.

BE and Boglivia each coming from their Source...interesting, remember that time back in Denver when we attempted to piece together something similar to a family tree? Miya? Maki'? You, a family tree of One, giving voice to all your different expressions...a mirrored reflection of "a Whole Being within the Whole of Being". And we each are that unto ourselves, yet somewhere (in space and time?) we each are all connected to THE SOURCE!

Boglivia the one to deliver that which was to come...this I find intriguing, as that is not something she ever lended herself to. But, with the next phrase...

Boglivia, the one to you think this may be what I mentioned to you the other night? hmmmm

Like Cher, I too am awaiting her message. It will certainly be different without me having a one on one q & a conversation! Kind of like going back to your original communication via automatic writing.

So Boglivia, we await...

Blessed Be,
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