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Life is an Echo
What you send out
comes back
What you sow
you reap
What you give
you get
What you see in others
exists in you

I think this is true – sort of.

I think that in order for it to be true a person needs good boundaries. They need to know themselves which many people don’t.

If a person is nice they will see the nice in people. But if they don’t have good boundaries they will give and give and give and get nothing back. They can get hurt because they think someone is nice but it’s not that person, it’s them. So they interact with themselves but they get surprised when the person is not nice back.

Or they may be very honest – and think others are – because you do see in others what is in yourself – and they can get duped. And lied to an manipulated and hurt.

Or they are sort of vulnerable – so they see vulnerability in others that doesn’t really exist. And then give people all sorts of help they don’t need and they can get used easily.

I think the words are true – but not really – I think life’s an echo in terms of waves of energy that interact – and if you know what your energy wave is – then you will know it’s you your looking at and start looking clearly at the energy waves coming back at you.

Maybe that’s when you reach some sort of enlightenment – when you know you are you and they are them but we are all us.

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