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I’ve been reading Frank Joseph’s book on Lemuria – “The Lost Civilization of Lemuria” – he mentions orbs in relation to piezoelectricity.

I’ve also recently read a book called “The Electric Universe” by David Bodanis which I recommend simply because it’s a very easy read and explains the progression of people’s understanding of electricity and into the quantum age.

Learning from the latter book helped me in the understanding of how and why orbs could be something used by aliens or other dimensions to communicate or “travel” through –

The question I have though is why do we assume that the communications are from benign cultures? I don’t mean to suggest they are exorcist kind of orb people – but rather – I wonder if they are merely representatives of a culture. I mean not all of us are communicating with the stars when they send up a probe or some radio transmitter sends a message – and then if you think of things on a psychic realm – not everyone is psychic.

What I’m saying is – there’s all kinds of people so why not all kinds of orb people? Or any other dimensional people? I think that the communications are just the portal to another “kingdom” or “queendom” or “collective” (or whatever political system they might use) – what fraction of that reality would we see if we came to be able to communicate with the orbs?

And could we, like ancient myths say, be taken off into the land of the “fairies” (orb people) and never come back? If we’re all energy it doesn’t seem impossible!

Great reading list here – thanks a lot. And gorgeous photos.

PS – I have a semi-related question – bear with me if it makes no sense! – do you think that there are possibly realms that are denser than ours? And then how would they manifest? Would we recognize them? And would we maybe project a judgement on them that they were “bad” because they were heavier or not recognize that there were all sorts of heavier dimensional beings?

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