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I can relate to some of this, my 88-year old father lives with me and I left Shirley’s “I’m Over All That" on a coffee table awhile ago, and almost every time he goes by that table, he sort of perks-up, and says, “Hey, that’s Shirley MacLaine!” with a big smile on his face, as if it is the first time he has ever seen the book there, and it reminds me that there is still a little light left in him, most of the time he just complains about my brother and sister not caring about him and how much he misses my mother. I am so, so, tired, because it seems like there is little that I can do for him, but he is happy when he sees Shirley’s book, maybe I should buy a copy for every room in the house!

Thank you, Vaughn, for making me think 'outside-of-the-box' (which usually makes me giggle) and for your's and all who shared their thoughts about 'autum' I need it because I am new and alone at this, you're the best!

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