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Thanks so much Loa and everyone for your support, thank God Mom is still with us. In these times it's given me reflection on just how significant words, music, sounds are in the chorus of our lives.

Just as bitter, hateful and disruptive chords can cause pain, so can people of good cheer, loving thoughts and words instill hope, healing and love.

As I grow older I'm tuning out violent movies, sounds, messages of violence and war, that naive of me to turn away, to not want to around such communications? I know very well they exist but do I have to be reminded every day of my life, can I not fill that space with inspiration, sounds that move the heart and soul to such heights of wonder.

I'm so grateful for mother Nature, even on those rainy days, those rain drops can send me to slumber and peace, I wake up and the air is fresh and new again. God please give me the patience, and wisdom to always be humble, able to see the wonder that surrounds me, each and every moment.

Thank you
all for being just who you are.
It is all easier than you have been told.
Simply change your consciousness

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