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I've always considered the premise that all knowledge, space/time were everpresent, and although I can conceive of such a concept it's not in my personal reality of experience. I don't levitate, astral project [consciously], remote view,or channel. I don't walk on water, nor part seas, but I try to witness moments of bliss in my own way and be grateful for that.

Awhile back I read someone refer to karma was like sticky fly paper, once you get it, it's hard to get rid of it. Maybe we get so caught up in this vibrational reality it's very hard to cut through the fog without some kinda jolt. I can see why some retreat to their cloisters in meditation, or like Buddha sit under a tree, or become priests or nuns, doctors or nurses in service to others.

I can also see why we don't necessarily remember our past lives, in order that we can better experience the present moment. Sometimes forgetting can be a blessing in that if I were to be aware of all that's happened to me in ages past, could I have the same experience, vulnerability, openness, and compassion?

Perhaps all the whys and wherefores become unnecessary exercises that letting things unfold like a flower, let these waters wash over us yet I find it difficult to resist the act of thinking, there some balance between conscious thought and just being still without any thoughts?

I certainly can trust that others can and have tapped into that reality of source intelligence, presence for their inspirations, imaginations and creations. For me, this reality comes in forms of hunger, a stubbed toe and an empty wallet or worse a cold or aching shoulder, so my vibrations aren't quite at your folks level.

I grow tired of seeking and prefer just being, yet my curiosity seems insatiable and my discipline weak to let the search for truth rest. All of us seem to long for a wayshower, a sage of great wisdom, our churches are full of such followers, our stores packed with consumers looking for the thing to satisfy their emptiness.

I guess my thirst is not unlike many others, although I do find solace in a love of nature, a love and kindness for friends and family, a love and celebration of's in these moments I most treasure and cherish. Being omniscient, omnipresent, or source creator is available I don't feel compelled to want, desire or pursue such attributes. I'll keep to my quirky sense of humor, content in my passion for seeing wonder in my world, relax and have patience, be open and vulnerable even and even try my best at being humble.
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