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Smile It’s a : cosmic energy wave at a higher vibration threshold which flows into the seve

2012 Could be like this: My hypothesis

It’s a : cosmic energy wave at a higher vibration threshold which flows into the seven universes we and our planet Earth belongs to, the maximum time when it happens in 2012.

Exactly why 2012 is the cross point of reference date re-lighten in our universe is "irradiated" in a vibration that would raise our consciousness to re-activate our abilities to be one with the universe and the cosmic wisdom.

A cosmic tsunami which vibrate the universe with new knowledge tanks where it is up to individuals to open up and receive the "New Time Knowledge", we can share and explore together across borders in the world.

The World is not going, the planets are linked in the great cosmic superstring network which shall keep a balance between gravity, gravitational waves and the electromagnetic vibration etc. etc. A planetary cosmic advice of a universal karmic order is maintained with the balance from the point of universe which is called cosmic intelligence, light whatever, it is up to the individual what it is.

We are enriched in 2012 with new prana gold particles, some or many may see flying around in the air we breathe as I call the cosmic birth, the new prana balls are included in the wave that flows through our universe at all the crossing point where we have chosen to incarnate in, chosen to be with looks to the raising of this new consciousness vibration we must use many different ways, all of this consciousness shift.

2012 Does AWARENESS CHANGE in our own consciousness, with openness to new thought forms from other universes, when such a new vibrational consciousness wave comes back, 144,000,000,000. year.

If we want and are ready we can use the new knowledge to explore how we can live in a whole new way, explore and be creative how we care for the earth we live on, we are fortunate that the opening up of the new temporal knowledge, could make a huge difference to eliminate diseases, that do completely different kinds of technology, new mathematical and have new advice for our climate change that is to say, we must be prepared to cope with natural disasters, new building constructions with other architectures which shields cities, finding new methods to obtain rain where the sun bake all year round.

There is no endings and beginnings, we are in this incarnations where the brain is receiving the new cosmic information, and those who are able to be aware and open for this..could have cosmic benefit out of the new energy, like a new tools to use by the power of the mind.

There has been around the world,..many, many people who have felt dizziness, vertigo, very, very tired like they think ” O I am I seek..what happens to my body”….it is the beginning of a new vibration from the universe we will be used for everyday, some days more and others will feel like ”YES” now its ”over”.

Don’t worry at all ,..our physically body has to re-cognized this new energy…and the more we are aware of it, and can heal ourselves, and be aware of, that we have the power of the mind to be a huge part in our daily life ,…that every morning or evening,..we can reset all the impressions we got into our aura and Bioenergetic

and code new healing info, techniques in our crystalline cells in the body's own network which is linked to the cosmic network, where you then get balance in your life.

Many are now so familiar with self-healing and some of us can see into the body and keep up with how the cells respond, those who can should draw and write down on paper, share with others of their experiences, how your bio energetic network cells receive the new vibration and your healing, because it is so important, that we share our knowledge with others.

It is each person who marks the difference of the 2012 "energy", the planet earth live happily, it's out in space, along with it stuck in the cosmic network, superstrings, gravitational waves and have an interaction with the rest to galaxies, .. it is we who must learn to juggle with this new positive energy, to balance the body's cells in our everyday lives.

Remember you are not alone about it, there are many on this planet that has the "weird" .. talk about it, share with others about your imbalances ... when we can see there are others who feel the same way , our body, soul and mind balanced.

Love to all.
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