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Originally Posted by frogborg

Root: 1st Dimension: Overcoming Fear/Survival/Trust issues, Staying Grounded, Non-reactive, Patient, Trust in Eternal Self.
Sacral: 2nd Dimension: Respect, Reverence and Sacredness of Sexual Energy...Learning How To Use It Appropriately, Balanced Emotions ~ feeling our feelings without holding onto them, denying them or reacting in an explosive way, Harmonious.

Solar Plexus:3rd Dimension: Balanced Healthy Power Focused On Good Of All, Releasing The Need To Control/ Healthy Ego/ Dominion Over Mental Mind, Releasing Power Struggles. Releasing Need To Dominate.

Heart Chakra: 4th Dimension: Love For Self, Love For Others, Love For God, Love For Earth, Compassion, Forgiveness, Sets Healthy Boundaries. Balance of Giving and Receiving. Awareness That Everything Serves A Purpose, Non Judgmental, Acceptance, Grateful.

Throat Chakra: 5th Dimension: Integrity, Truthful, LOVING Communication, Uses Words Wisely, Authenticity, Ability To Listen. Honest.

Spiritual Eye Chakra: 5th Dimension: Ability To Be Discerning, Ability To See Clearly....Awareness Of Their Divinity and Divinity Within Others, Able to Access Truth, Intuitive, Sensitive, Expansive View.

Crown Chakra: Transcending Limitations And Addictions of the 3D World, Able To Be In This World But Not Bound By It, Divine Illumination, Wisdom Body Activated, Knowingness, Oneness with Spiritual And Physical Being, Moving Into Self Mastery and Integration of the Christ Consciousness.

xo Froggie

Wow, really like these descriptions since it parallels a lot what I've been reading lately of Mariana Caplan's book Eyes Wide Open. Or Barbara Ramsey's Seven Keys to Enlightenment from Tao of the Traveller.

It interesting how many different versions all seem to converge into a common message.

O.K. great we've got the Keys, Roots, Terms, Chakras .....NOW comes the hard part:
  • How do we manage to accomplish these pathways?
    • Being fearless
    • Establishing balance
    • Understanding the ego
    • Tantra
    • Creative Consciousness and so on
  • What are the pitfalls, dangers to watch out for?
  • How does one become discerning of the truth? in our friends, a sage, mentor, family, authors, media
  • We see duality pain and delight, heaven and hell and can intellectualize the necessity of both as being integral but actually living through such ups and downs is certainly as Joseph Campbell puts it...the heroes journey.
It is all easier than you have been told.
Simply change your consciousness

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