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I agree that Remote Viewing has changed the way I see reincarnation as well. It may be that we are experiencing 'a life'; but not a life that 'belonged to us' either in the past or in the future.

With regard to karma being good or bad; I feel like it is more about levels of vibration. I think that aggressive/primal emotions are lower on the scale and therefore easier to stay trapped in. I think it's kind of like emotional peer pressure where like begets like. If you can't tune into the higher vibrations then your just bumped around like a ball in a pinball machine within the lower states.

Once you get tuned in better; you can actually feel those kinds of vibrations in people around you...and naturally, you avoid them! It would be hoped that when you are not involved with people who are (self)destructive then you would lead a more (self)constructive lifestyle.

I think I understand better why ancient communities and ascended masters isolated themselves. Not so much because of their lifestyle or methodology, but maybe because they were no longer physically comfortable around people who were in constant aggression/primal modes.
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