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Default Why do we reincarnate?

After all the experiences I've had exploring the nature of our reality through the tool of Remote Viewing I have found the topic of reincarnation to be limited. Not only do I have trouble with the concept of reincarnating to right the wrongs of our past lives but also with believing that if we do reincarnate we do so in a particular linear sequence in time. I found this blog post that seems to expand on this limited view. Here is an excerpt...

"As far as reincarnation, past lives etc.....I use these terms and I know they exist but our understanding of it is somewhat limited because we are using "words" to describe this type of phenomena in a time and space atmosphere when really the soul is in a continuous cycle of experience in the multi dimensions all the time....we are eternal and vast and to be honest we can access our future and our past all at once because we really are NOT bound by the time and space constraints we believe ourselves to be in. Time as we perceive it really does not exist. Our past, present and future lives all exist in the energy of is all happening NOW....and honestly it is far too complicated for me to explain."
By Sabrina Reber from "How to Raise Your Vibration"

Here is the link for the full article which explains in more detail why our view is limited...
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